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Our fully customizable birthstone Rosaries allow you to choose your Rosaries crucifix, center, and metal type (bronze, silver, gold, sterling, gold filled), and birthstone colors. Unlike other birthstone Rosaries made in only one birthstone color we allow you to choose different birthstone colors for every part of your birthstone Rosary. You may choose birthstone colors for every decade, the 6 Our Father beads, and even the 3 Hail Mary beads between the center and the crucifix. The Birthstone Rosary template at the bottom of this page shows all the areas you can customize your birthstone Rosary.


Both Swarovski Birthstone Rosaries and Czech Fire Polished Glass Birthstones Rosaries are available!


Start Your Birthstone Rosary Design:

Visit our custom Rosary design page to create your own Rosary design by choosing your Rosary crucifix, center, birthstone bead size, and findings. Once you have chosen the “Custom Birthstone Rosary for Each Decade”  in either Swarovski or Czech fire polished beads you will be directed to choose the colors you would like for each decade and Our Father of your custom Birthstone Rosary.

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Customize Your Birthstone Rosary Colors

The Birthstone Rosary design guide below shows all the parts of the Rosary that can be customized when you choose your Birthstone colors. You may use this as a guide in helping you plan you custom Rosary design.


Custom Birthstone Rosary
Use this guide to help customize your birthstone Rosary.


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