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The “Family” behind the family business. My wonderful wife Elizabeth makes the beautiful Rosaries, our six little ones are the “Durability Inspection Experts” and I also make Rosaries as well as handle the online orders and website updates.

Don’t worry, we don’t let the little ones at your Rosaries, however they have helped us discover which items can withstand “heavy daily prayer” through the use of their personal Rosaries. For more about our family see our “Meet the Family” blog post.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote the praying of the Rosary, especially among families. Through our family Rosary business our growing family (6 and counting) has learned the importance of the Holy Rosary, how to Pray the Rosary, and even how to make Rosaries. Our children help us in any way they can and also inspired us to create Pray the Rosary, a DVD that has helped us as a family pray the Rosary together, which can be a challenge with children. Now the DVD they inspired has helped families pray together, converts learn to pray the Rosary, and has even been used in many nursing homes to help Catholic patients pray the Rosary together. We pray that our children will grow in their love of the Church and the Holy Rosary and one day will become Rosary makers and carry on the tradition of making quality handmade Rosaries.

Our Rosaries:

Design My Rosary is focused on two main goals:

1.) Complete Customization:

You could buy a Rosary from many different places, but what makes us unique is that you do not have to buy the Rosary WE think you will like, YOU get to decide what your Rosary will look like. We offer over 200 crucifixes, 200 centers, and 200 bead choices for your Rosary design. Additionally, your Rosary can be made out of silver, gold, sterling silver, gold filled, and even bronze findings. This huge selection means that we offer more Rosary designs than anywhere else. If you haven’t already, please explore out Rosary Designer, even if it’s just for fun!

2.) Quality Handmade Rosaries:

We strive to make the strongest and highest quality Rosaries available. We know how frustrating it can be to buy a Rosary just to have the Rosary break. This is why we went through many sources of Rosary findings (eye pins, chain, and jump rings) until we found ones that made a Rosary that would stand up to daily use without falling apart. We have found that our Rosaries are much stronger than any store bought Rosary we have seen. Additionally, as we make your Rosary we look at every bead and every eye pin loop to make sure it meets the high quality standards we have set for our Rosaries.

Why Buy a Rosary from Us?

We know there are other places to buy a Rosary,
so here are some reasons to buy a custom Rosary from us:

  •  You can personalize your Rosary with our Custom Rosary designer just the way you want it.
  •  Our Rosaries are handmade for you. Not made by the thousands in a factory overseas.
  •  When you buy a custom Rosary from DesignMyRosary.com you “buy American” and support Americans.
  •  When you buy a custom Rosary from DesignMyRosary.com you “buy Catholic” and support Catholics, including our family and the Catholic businesses that we buy our Rosary centers and Rosary crucifixes from.
  • Our Rosaries are handmade with care and surpass the quality of foreign and machine made Rosaries.
  • With our site you can buy a Rosary without leaving home.
  • Our site offers 100’s if not 1000’s of center, crucifix, & Rosary bead combinations to create your custom Rosary design.

Click here to start your custom Rosary design now!

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