Personalized Rosaries

At Design My Rosary we offer our customers an innovative way to custom design their own personalized Rosary. Our Rosary designer allows you to choose your crucifix, center, Hail Mary and Our Father beads from our huge selection and see how your deign looks as you create it. Mix and match beads until you get just the design you are looking for! Once you have created a completely personalized Rosary your Rosary will be handmade just for you.

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Below is an example of a customer design as shown in our Rosary designer next to the handmade Rosary sent to our customer:

Personalized Rosary
A personalized Rosary with the Rosary preview on the right and the customers handmade Rosary on the left.

Pray the Rosary DVD and CD

Our new Pray the Rosary DVD and CD are great for anyone who would like to learn to pray the Rosary! This DVD has an easy to follow recitation of the Rosary, the words to the beginning and ending prays are displayed while they are being prayed, a sacred image of each mystery is displayed during the mystery, and a guide to show you which bead you are praying is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Watch our intro video below or visit our site for more details:


to order yours!


Watch Our 5 Year Old Son Explain How Easy it is to Design a Rosary

10 thoughts on “Personalized Rosaries”

  1. I think that each and everyone of your handmade rosaries are beautiful and special!!

  2. Your rosaries are absolutely stunning. They encourage the reverence the prayers deserve. 🙂
    God continue to bless you.

  3. Love your rosaries, I look each day on my facebook page to find new creations. God Bless!!!

  4. I just received my rosary. It is amazing! More perfect than I ever imagined! Truly great quality and expert workmanship. Thank you so much!

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