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We are a Catholic home business offering a new way to create a personalized custom Rosary and have your design turned into a handmade Rosary just for you. Our site provides hundreds of Rosary crucifixes, centers, and Rosary beads for you to choose from, allowing you to choose exactly what you want in a personalized Rosary. We also offer custom birthstone Rosaries you can design by choosing different birthstone colors for each decade and Our Father bead. You can even give a handmade Rosary as a gift and let us deliver it complete with a personal message from you. We even offer Rosary gift certificates so that you can give the opportunity to create a custom Rosary as a gift. Choose above to start your custom Rosary design from scratch, personalize one of our predesigned Rosaries, or buy a gift certificate! All Rosaries are handmade with great attention to detail.